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75 Squadron material
Sgt Alexander T Rowe

R 1038 AA-H

Sgt Rowe was a tail gunner and mostly flew in Wellington AA-H (R1038).  R1038 was lost over Kiel on 11/12 September 1941, about 6 weeks after my Grandfather finished his first tour of ops with 75 Squadron. Dion Rowe, Dec 06.

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75_01 is an interesting picture.  As far as I know, the man in the suit was the New Zealand High Commissioner who came out to talk with the RNZAF personnel after they refused to swap their RNZAF uniforms for RAF uniforms.

Sgt Alexander T Rowe.

75_02 is my grandfather standing next to his office as he called it.

75_03 to 75_10 are various shots of the crew of AA-H. I think the guy with the moustache is P/O Parker or Parks. Click for larger photo

75_03 75_04
75_05 75_06
75_07 75_08 75_09 75_10

75_11, below, is a well known photo of the crews heading out to their Wellingtons

       HELP NEEDED 75_12. Who are these men and which Wellington is it?