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"On the website you have recently posted 4 photos.  One of the photos shows a march past. I am pretty sure that this photo was taken in 1944 and shows General Le May saluting a guard of honour on the occasion of the presentation of The Soldier's medal  (a US decoration) to my father Cliff Rusted. My father was in the RAF and was based at Feltwell at this time.

He was awarded the medal for rescuing some US airmen from an aircraft that had crashed near Wetheringsett. My father will be 80 on June 3, 2002, and has just celebrated his 57th wedding anniversary with my mother who was also based at Feltwell during the war. If anyone remembers any particular anecdotes about Feltwell during this period or if anyone remembers either my father or mother (Joyce Mason) I shall be pleased to hear from them."

Philip Rusted

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