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Recollections of times past by the senior members of the village have for several years now been a popular item in the village magazine.  They are collected here in the hope that they will prove of interest to amateur and professional historians alike and will also be used by the local schoolchidren as part of their history lessons.

As the names in the list below will mean little to non-Feltwellians I have attempted some brief descriptions to aid you in your researches. New 'Times Remembered' are being added all the time - Latest.  Also:  Poetry    Sporting recollections     Others

Life and Times subject


Life and Times subject


Mr Sidney Payne Childhood, Farming, World War 2, Horses, Tractors. Mrs Mercy Edwards Two parts School, Work, Village Crier, Thetford Grammar School.
Mr Ernest Vine Childhood, Grave & Turf Digging, Shooting etc., Travel. Mr Hugh Vincent In two parts Barley Porter's village store.
Mr Don Stubbins Horses. Mr Frank Edwards Builder.
Mr Maurice Pryer Peat digging, Coal Merchant, Horses, Childhood. Mr & Mrs Charlie Baker Three parts Clearing the Fen, Delivering Milk, Village Sport.
Mr and Mrs Howes London, Travel, Housework, Horses etc, Money. Mr Geoffrey Broadwater Village shop, WW2, detailed family history
Miss Alice Baker A biography. Church. Mrs Eileen Polson Family history. Caravan site.Shops
Mr George Lawrence Church, Farming. Mrs Charlotte Rolfe Assorted, wide-ranging memories of Feltwell pre-1914
Mr Basil Vincent In three parts. Pubs, Shops, YMCA, Youth activities, Vanishing Rector. Mr Peter Jordan POW camps in the area at the end of WW2
Mr Douglas Grass East Hall, Shooting. Mr A. J. (Pip) Orange Reminiscences from his book.
Mr Francis Darby A biography Horticulture. Mr Harold Laws Bakehouse. Childhood. Shops
Mrs Bettie Fletcher Newcombe Hall, Life in service, WAAF. Mrs Doreen Gineil (nee Sparrow) Recounts her time at Hopkins Butchers
Mr Eric Secker Farming Mr Eric Pryer The beginning of the Social Club.
Mrs Catherine Orange From 1899-1970  Mr Brian Watts   Recollections
Mr Elmer Lake By email April 2003 Mr Barry Davies Memories of FTS 3, 1955-56
Mrs Betty Brown Published Oct 2005 Recalls moving to Feltwell 50 years ago  Mrs Winifred Spinks. 1905-90  Latest  The life story of a Feltwell teacher.


Mr John Broadwater A 'rhyme portrait' of Feltwell. Mrs Rutterford A WI winner
Mr Tom Green An older 'Feltwell' poem Old China A poem by Mrs ----- of Feltwell
Feltwell, 1947 From 'Odds and Sods'  by ARVD Feltwell Roads A description in rhyme of the Feltwell road system.

Other articles of historical interest.

A Life Remembered A personal memory of a sister lost during WW2 Feltwell Handbells Mr Ken Stowell
A Personal Recollection Life in Service The Howlett Family History An account of the trials and tribulations of a Feltwell family.
Feltwell Ghost Stories There are only two, but based on real people. The Blackjacks Feltwells first rock group
The 1953 Flood As remembered by Alan Whitehand. The Black Hoods An RAF group from the early 1960s.

Sporting Recollections

Cricket by Alan Whitehand Football by Frank Edwards
Sport at the YMCA by John Jacobs Football by John Jacobs