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The Plaque on the Almshouses reads:-

"These Alms Houses were endowed by Sir Edmund Moundeford 1642 for poor aged and impotent people inhabitants of Feltwell and were built in 1819".

The Seal of Rev. Cyrill Clough appears on a Deed dated 8th May 1804 (and several others about this time). It bears a portrait in profile and assuming that it was a portrait of Cyrill, he had a high forehead, "Roman" nose, high cheek-bones and a beard - and resembled Abraham Lincoln.

Exactly 25 years later, his daughter, Pleasance, used the same seal on the Deed whereby, for the sum of 29-5/-, she sold one rood of land, "being part of Barrett's Close....... upon which the Trustees (of the Moundeford Charity)....... have lately erected Almshouses."

You will note that the Deed was not executed until 10 years after the eight Almshouses had been erected (at a cost of 500).

These are a terrace of single storey, flint knapped buildings which originally housed eight people in bed sitting rooms with a small kitchen and bathroom; these last two having been added in 1959. Guidance provided in the early 1990s by the National Association of Almshouses stated that bed sitting accommodation is no longer suitable and that a separate bedroom should be provided. As some of the almshouses were empty the Trust seized the opportunity to meet this guidance and a major refurbishment began in 1992. This was partly funded by Local Authority grant, but the Trust provided the bulk of the finances necessary. The existing eight units were remodelled into four. New kitchens were fully fitted and became big enough to eat in, the sitting rooms are now spacious and the bedroom comfortable for two. New flint porches were added to make a warm, dry entrance and look as though they had always been there. Additional note provided by Mr Ken Stowell, Chairman A&H

The village sign is located in the landscaped gardens at the front.

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