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Feltwell's Timeline
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One of the features of Feltwell are the triangular patches of ground at the centre of the roadway in different parts of the parish. There are several of them each with its own piece of history; one at Denton; one at Cross Hill; one at the Oak; another at the Elm Tree; but largest of all, the Borough, at St. Nicholas, with dwelling houses on it.

Judging by the name, the Borough is by far the most ancient part of Feltwell. In his book on Norfolk placenames, the Rev. G. Munford says that the word Borough or Burgh "generally implies an era prior to the times of the Anglo Saxons"; the times of the Anglo Saxons being from A.D. 450 to A.D. 850. The reason for the Borough being so called is not quite clear, but the name may indicate some remarkable place of burial; and it is probable that the Borough at Feltwell takes its name from some tumulus or ancient burial mound on the Hill; or that it is the actual site of it.

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