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Feltwell's Timeline
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The Cock at Feltwell, like the Cock at Methwold, appears to have taken its name from Cock-fighting. This sport, if it can be called a sport, is said to have been greatly stimulated in the neighbourhood by King Charles II when on a visit to Methwold. His visit apparently was not made with a view of becoming better acquainted with the lands belonging to the Crown, but was due to other and fairer attraction. King Charles dined at the Cock "off Muel rabbits," a delicacy for which the parish is famed, and attended afterwards at the Cock-pit at the back of the Inn to see a main fought off. Oliver Cromwell is said to have stayed at the Feltwell Cock and among others who have patronized this Inn are Charles Dickens, M. Thackery, and George Borrow, the Norfolk author.

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