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As various opinions were given about the stone at Cross Hill the Norfolk Archaeological Society was approached and a letter has been received saying that it is the base of the Medieval Cross. Medieval might here be taken as covering the period A.D. 1000 to A.D. 1500. Generally speaking there are three types of Cross-the Churchyard Cross, the Wayside Cross and the Boundary Cross. The stone at Cross Hill is the base of a Wayside Cross. It was the simple type of a Norfolk Cross with pedestal or socket-stone into which the shaft was fixed with lead. The destruction of Crosses was enjoined during the latter days of King Henry VIII and again in the year 1641. No Cross complete with shaft and head exists in Norfolk; it was so simple a matter for the religious fanatic, with an axe or hammer, to break the limbs of a stone Cross. The late William Vine who died in 1887, in his 90th year, could remember the shaft of the Cross, in position, at Cross Hill.

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