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There are several old headstones at St. Nicholas, most of which cannot now be deciphered. The oldest I have been able to decipher, and it may be the oldest in the churchyard, is to the memory of William Stallon, who died "ye - May, 1728." This is an early date for a headstone as Churchyard Memorials did not come into anything like favour until the year 1700 or even later. Like many headstones of early date, it is of beautiful workmanship and has an inscription, now almost illegible, the words of which are addressed to the reader as though the soul of the dead were giving warning message to the passer-by. Propped against the wall at the east-end of the Church is a slab to the memory of the Reverend William King, Curate in Charge, who died 21st September, 1769, and was buried, I presume, inside the Chancel which was then standing. There are no epitaphs of special interest at St. Nicholas. On a headstone erected to the memory of Ruth Feetham, who died 5th October, 1857, are these lines: -

"When Ruth agleaning went,
Jehovah was her Guide;
To Boaz Field he led her straight
And she became his bride."

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