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by John Aubrey, F.R.S., 1696.
Article 6 in the St. Nicholas Loop

"At Feltwell in Norfolk (which lies east and west) a fire happened to break out at the west end, which the west wind blow and burned all the street: on that day twenty years, another fire happened there, which began at the east end, and burned it to the ground again. This I had from a reverend devine. Quaere de hoc."

No dates, it will be noticed, are given, but the first of these two fires may well have occurred in 1664, the year that the registers belonging to St. Nicholas Church were burnt. The rector of St. Nicholas was Samuel Coga, D.D., who was Fellow and then Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he died and was buried. The curate in charge of St. Nicholas was Henry Fish, B.A., who was also master at Feltwell Grammar School, and there is every likelihood that the Church registers were kept at the curate's house and that the house was burnt to the ground in the general conflagration when Feltwell was destroyed by fire.

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