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Feltwell's Timeline
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One of the boundaries of the parish of Feltwell is the river Little Ouse which separates us from Cambridgeshire. The County of Suffolk is not far distant, being a mile or so, only, away. Feltwell has also the Devil's Dyke as a boundary; not perhaps the neighbour that you and I would choose, had we the choice. But in spite of Cambridgeshire and Suffolk and our unpleasant neighbour, Feltwell remains essentially a Norfolk parish in which the true Norfolk dialect is spoken. Here are one or two Norfolk words and expressions heard used at Feltwell: -

"That's where he keep his trincums." - "Why do you cross-hopple me?" - "Has it gone Three? –please Sir the clock has went." - "Put it soshways." - "Now then get them highlows off and go to bed." - "The barley become all flizzomslike." - "It's raining over Will's mother." - "There's a lot of dodmans here." – "He's a proper mure-hearted one." - "The house wants triculating up." – "He's a rare pingler with his food." – "I'm a regular tongue-banger." - "You forget to bop and do she'll larn you."

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