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Oak Hotel hand-coloured

The Oak Hotel

Oak Hotel hand-coloured

From a pyrographic plaque
owned by Mr Chris Scarff.

Owners and Landlords

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Thomas Willett   by 1916 Walter William Allen
by 1836-9 Robert Doubleday   by 1919 Walter George Whitby
by 1841 John Stolworthy   by 1922 F. K. and Monty Steward
by 1845 William Eastgate   by 1924 Edward Brown
by 1858 William Henry Leurence   by 1927 Harry Williams
by 1861 George and Mary George   by 1948 Stanley P. A. Bousfield
by 1863 Robert Rice   by 1951 James L. Burr
by 1879 John Skinner Kelland   by 1965 J. P. McMurry
by 1888 Horace Edmund King   by 1966 Leonard Robinson
by 1890 William Roper   by 1976 Thomas E. Mann
by 1904 Mrs Isabella Roper   by 1978 George A. Lomax
by 1910 William Henry Colton      

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