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Article three in the Education in Feltwell Loop

In 1937 was published a Study of the Subscription Books of the Diocese of Norwich. They cover the years 1637-1800 and are Books in which the Clergy, Doctors, Schoolmasters and Midwives subscribed their names to the 39 Articles of Religion, also to the Prayer Book, and were licensed by the Bishop. The names of six Schoolmasters for the School of Feltwell are given with date of licence and particulars as follows:-

18th Oct., 1662. John Smith. Free School. Licensed to teach grammar.
14th Apl., 1664. Henry Fish, B.A., licenced to teach grammar.
21st Mar., 1667/8. John Wace, licenced to teach grammar and writing.
8th Jan., 1669/10. John Parsley, licenced to teach grammar and writing.
5th Aug., 1691. John Newson. Grammar School.
29th May, 1775. John Graham. School.

From this list it can be seen that Feltwell was a Grammar School and a Free School - a School where no tuition fees are exacted; there are records also of 15 other such Schools in Norfolk among which are Norwich, Lynn, Holt, North Walsham, Thetford. We are inclined to think that education in bygone times was at a rather low ebb, yet at Feltwell there was a Grammar School; i.e. a School in which Grammar, especially Latin Grammar is taught; and there is reason to believe that Latin Grammar was thoroughly taught at Feltwell - probably Greek Grammar as well.

Of the appointments shewn above; Henry Fish, a graduate of either Oxford or Cambridge University, was curate at Feltwell; John Wace lies buried in the chancel of St. Mary's Church with a slab to his memory, he died in 1672 and is described in the burial register as Gentleman which, in the social scale of his day, ranks next below Esquire. John Parsley was curate at Feltwell St. Mary's and describes himself as "native of the same town and parish"; he was educated at Feltwell Grammar School and judging by his Latin in the Church registers, was a sound scholar and a credit to the, School.

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