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On with the tour

Long Lane
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

1Long Lane (small)

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Outside Rose Villas. Taken in 1967 to show the "galletting".

Looking west. At the turn of the century it was so unusual to find anyone taking a photograph that a crowd soon formed, especially of children. In the photo on the left you will note that the photographer had 16 keen observers! Note the lad standing in front of the line, over his head can be seen a row of cottages known as ROSE VILLAS (Built 1822). Note also the grapevine on the gable end of the house on the right. The photographer must have been stood with the Elm Tree directly behind him as the tree is visible in the photo on the right.

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Looking east towards the Elm Tree on a winters day judging by the lack of leaves. The last days of William and Freda Hockley's bungalow. The house on the left stands where Rose Villas once was. The back of Hockley's bungalow before demolition.

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Baby Jane Walker (Clulow), brother John at the back of Rose Villas. Baby Jane Walker (Clulow) with Iris Walker, mum, at back of Rose Villas. Hockleys bungalow is the white wall. Above, the western end of Rose Villas as taken from the opposite side of the road. Below, Roseneath Cottage in the middle of Rose Villas home of Mr & Mrs C.W.Walker.

10longlane_gott.gif (48099 bytes)

Looking East in the 1960s.

Photo provided by Mr Gott

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