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On with the tour

The Beck
Once water flowed along here.
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

The Beck 1 (small)

The Crown Inn (small)

beck1950.gif (18200 bytes)

Dry stream bed

Looking West. The wall on the left surrounded Pear Tree Farm. Unfortunately the Oaks have all gone. The Crown Public House. First recorded landlord 1815 John King. Last Landlady 1964 Mrs May Vale (nee Cooper) widow of Charles Edward Vale Looking West. 1950s. New School on the right.  St Mary's in the distance.

Provided by Mr. C. Coc

Beck entrance to Hall Farm. Photo taken 1967 to show the dry bed of the stream (Beck) from which Feltwell got its name.

gladhoushop2.gif (39995 bytes)

gladhoushop.gif (41221 bytes)

pregladhous.gif (36719 bytes)

gladhouse.gif (86569 bytes)

The old shop in Gladstone Villa which sold sweets and ice cream. Initially run by Ernest Young who married Margaret (Maggie) Walden, daughter of Henry Barton Walden. After this it was run by Dolly Cooper. Provided by Mr. C. Cock Gladstone Villa. Originally built by Henry Barton Walden. Note the sweetshop in the left wing.

Provided by Mr. C. Cock

The old house that was originally behind the plot on which Gladstone Villa now stands. 

Provided by Mr. C. Cock

A superb quality photo of Gladstone Villa and Shop with Henry Barton Walden outside. The little girl in the gateway is Gertrude Walden. his grandaughter.

Liberal candidate and supporters outside Gladstone House

beck672.gif (85302 bytes)

oldforge.jpg (44168 bytes)

The Day WW1 started (small)

The local Liberal party campaigners with candidate outside Gladstone House, named after the Liberal Prime Minister. RIGHT to left: Mr Winfrey (The Liberal MP), his agent (name unknown), Henry Barton Walden; Robert H G Walden; (boy unknown).
Provided by Mr. C. Cock
Looking East. The cottages on the right are now replaced by two houses.   Taken 1907/8.
  A few extra details

Photo provided by Mr R. Walden
School children visit the Old Forge in Bell Street, probably a class visit. The Forge was located at the end of the cottages in the photo on the left.

Provided by Mrs Mercy Edwards

The day World War 1 broke out.  Charlie Matthews, Jack Southgate, + & + outside the Post Office. The entrance to Chapel Street can be seen in the background.

Looking up The Beck (small)

beck.gif (35371 bytes)

The Beck 4 (small)

The Beck 3 (small)

Looking East. In the days when horses were many and cars few. The fence is the same one as in the sepia photo on this row. The trees are in the playground of the Big School.

Provided by Mr. C. Cock

Looking East. The Elm Tree stood in the playground of the Big School. P.O. on left. A cold November Day? Note that there was only one telephone in those days.
Provided by Mr. C. Cock

ostoff3.gif (34049 bytes)

The Post Office (small)

beck_postoffice1948.jpg (19849 bytes)

Taken 1948-49. Apparently there was a film crew in town and they saw my Grandmother and her twin sons and asked them to pose for this photo.
Another photo showing the Post Office.

The Post Office Circa 1960.

My father tells me that they lived on a farm with a pump station on the Little Ouse River.  Provided by Michael Rick

postoff2.gif (29989 bytes)

The Beck 2 (small)

old_car_outside_po1935.jpg (79457 bytes)

Pony and Trap outside the Post Office.
Provided by Mr. C. Cock

Looking East. On the right is one of 5 blacksmiths shops.  Horses were used a lot in farming.  Post Office in centre.

Dr. Andrew Kerr Boyle standing beside his Bullnose Morris (hood down!). Taken in 1935
Photo from Alasdair Kerr Boyle

postoff1.gif (35269 bytes)

beck2.jpg (21492 bytes)

unknown.gif (46593 bytes)

scolfld72.gif (24435 bytes)

Looking up Chapel Street and showing the P. O. on the right.
Compare the ivy growth with the one above. 
Provided by Mr. C. Cock
Yet another photograph showing the Post Office and beyond it the house in the next photo.

Photograph from Terry Brown

In the four photos above the house on the left can just be seen to the right hand side of the Post Office. The 'shack' used to be a Fish and Chip Shop. Looking across, what is now the school field, from Munsons Lane towards St Mary's Church

beck_1969.gif (74184 bytes)

ivy_cottage.jpg (34928 bytes)


The Beck in 1969.  Such a lot of changes!  Can anyone put names to these two cyclists? A beautiful photograph of Beck House when the Vet, Mr Ditmus, lived there.    

A Few Details


beck672.gif (85302 bytes)From AJO via Mr Peter Cooper with extra detail from Terry Brown via Robert Walden!
Built by Mrs Ann Spencer (nee Young) in 1833 with money inherited from her parents. Ann and one of her daughters lived in the house on the far left and in the other two cottages she ran a Dame School for a year.   Hence the two cottages on the right were built as a school with dormitories in which the pupils lived and worked so only one stairway was required to serve both buildings this was the girls access to the dormitory.  Upstairs, all three cottages were linked because these were the dormitories and Miss Spencer needed access at night from her part. It is also thought that the front room of the middle cottage had a door which connected it to the house where Ann lived.  It is not recorded when the school ceased and the buildings were turned into agricultural workers cottages, but these houses were demolished after 1973 to make way for a new Vicarage and Headmaster's house.
From Mrs Mercy Edwards and her husband Frank.
"The cottage on the left - in my teens, (1940s) a young lad, Mr Bill Lemon lived with his Grandmother Mrs Lemon. In the middle cottage was Mr Charlie Matthews the postman (see Charlie's photo above) and in the right hand cottage was Mrs Lawrence (Eric Lawrence's grandmother) and Aunt Marjorie and Aunt Vera.  When gran died Aunt Vera married Mr Gunstead and lived there.  The tree in the front garden is an apple tree - Frank remembers having apples off it."