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On with the tour

Bell Street
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

Bell Street 1 (small)

Bell Street 2 (small)

The Ancient Oak (small)

Bell Street looking west (small)

Looking West.
The land behind the wall on the right is the site of the Methodist chapel - built 1935.  Note St Mary's and no pavements. Cottages on the left now one big house after having been Parnell's Hairdressers and Barber.
Looking West
Not as old as the one on the left as the creeper is much bigger on the cottages.   Still in the days before the motor car. Note no sign of electricity or telephone cables.
Looking East.
This was probably taken before WW1. Note the doorway at the side of the hotel and no annex.  The name Rose Cottage on the left is probably wrong. Roseneath is more likely.
Looking West.
Note the 'new' annex to the Oak Hotel.  Home Farm is on the left. The meadow on the left is now Fair Close.  Note St Mary's in the background. The Oak tree is no longer standing - a new one is growing.

bell_st.jpg (19868 bytes)

Bell Street hand-coloured

Cocks farm

lbuild1.jpg (24495 bytes)

Looking West but closer to St Mary's than the photo above.
Provided by Mr. C. Cock
Looking West.
St. Mary's Church clearly visible in the middle.
Provided by Mr. C. Cock

This farm house belongs to the Cock family and is located to the left of Roseneath in the photo below. Provided by Mr. C. Cock.

lbuild2.jpg (17053 bytes)

Bell street with people

meths.gif (31824 bytes)

bellstreet_gott.gif (50406 bytes)

bell_street.jpg (58756 bytes)

Very similar to the one above. Note the Barber's Pole on the house in the middle.
Provided by Mr. C. Cock.

The Methodist's Chapel and, on the left, the Hall built in 1935.  Behind the Chapel is a meeting room.

Bell street in the 1960s before the housing estate went up on the left. Flint faced house is Roseneath.

Photo provided by Mr Gott

This much earlier photo shows part of the field on the left which is now Oakfields Estate.

bell_streetsepia.jpg (28652 bytes)

outside_shop.jpg (22792 bytes)

A superb photo of part of the Oak Hotel, minus annex, Roseneath, the beautiful thatched barn and a very muddy street!

Provided by Mr C. Cock

Dorothy Ruth Jacobs standing outside her fathers shop (18-20 Bell Street
Provided by Alison Whistler.
Possibly the Talbert family. Possibly around 1880-1890. Possibly it is of a wet fish shop. Property still standing opposite St Mary's Church.

Provided by Connie Mycock