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Detour to the aerodrome and windmill

Take this bus for a detour up Wilton Road to the Old Mill via the airfield.

The Oak Hotel
Owners & Landlords

Situated at the junction of Oak Street, Wilton Road and Bell Street. For many years a hotel and public house. Inside?
Now turned into 4 houses.

The Short Tour

Take this bus to avoid the detour.

The Oak Junction (small)

oak_tree.jpg (201784 bytes)

oaktre272.gif (81169 bytes)

oaktre372.gif (74466 bytes)

Oak Hotel (small)

The Oak Tree (small)

Looking East.
The Oak Hotel is on the left. Note the 'fingerpost' giving directions. Taken before traffic became a problem..
Very rare and very old.  Note the gas light and, on the extreme left, a man on a bicycle.
From Alison Whistler
Note the finger-post, no hotel signs and no porch. Also note the railings around the Oak. The sign could read 'The Oak Commercial Hotel'. The gentleman we don't know! The porch has been added as have the signboards together with some alterations to windows and doors. 1920s
Both sepia photos loaned by Mr R. Walden.
Looking South-West
Note the two painted signboards showing the Oak Tree and the RAC & AA signs. Taken late 1940s.
Note the St John Ambulance Brigade sign outside St John's Hall  which had been the YMCA hut since the end of WW1. The cellar doors are open.

Oak Hotel hand-coloured

oakaproach.gif (31379 bytes)

oakymca_gott.gif (50398 bytes)

oakcard.gif (20006 bytes)

oakandhorses.gif (39899 bytes)

A lovely summer day!
Provided by Mr. C. Cock
Yet another view.
Provided by Mr. C. Cock
YMCA with The Oak behind. (From Mr Gott) Postcard from 1935 overprinted, "With complements from   Mr and Mrs J. L. Burr c1947. The riding school. Toni Burr is the smallest child on the right side in the cart. Does this photo show the same cart as in the photo on the left?  From Toni Burr

Read the newspaper report from 1964 about the removal of the oak tree


A 1914-18 military hut. The YMCA stood on the corner directly opposite the Oak Hotel.  The land it occupied is now part of Fair Close.

YMCA 1 (small)

YMCA 2 (small)

stjohnshut.gif (31677 bytes)

Roseneath cottage and the Oak annex can be seen on the right. Face on with the Oak tree behind the photographer. St Johns Ambulance sign visible at the front. St John's Hut end on, The Oak on the right.    From Toni Burr