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Detour to East Hall and the Rectory

Take this bus for a detour up Lodge Road, visiting East Hall and the Old Rectory.

Cross Hill
Situated at the junction of Oak Street with the Beck and Lodge Road. Not a hill at all!

[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour


Take this bus to avoid the detour.

Cross Hill Bowl (small)

Cross Hill Plaque (small)

Salisbury House (small) Opposite the cross base is Salisbury House erected in the 1930s by Sam Brown.

The lower half the plaque reads as follows.
"It is believed that this stone was the base of the settlement cross which stood on this site for many centuries and which was probably destroyed during the civil war.
Legend has it that in time of pestilence the hollow in the stone was filled with vinegar so that travellers could disinfect their money."
Cross Hill before the memorial

crosshillcottage.gif (72820 bytes)
Photo provided by Mr Robert Walden.

Above. Cross Hill looking up Lodge Road before the memorial was erected.  Note the gas lamp on the front corner of the green. The wall opposite surrounds Grange meadow.
Right. In the garden of the cottage just visible on the right of the photo above. An earlier photo as the number of chimney pots has decreased!  RHG Walden with motorbike and his wife Ella Winifred (nee Clarke) - from Culford but formerly a Governess at Denton Lodge. The lady on the right is possibly Mrs Vine.