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(Article three in the Clough Family Loop)

Edward Clough Newcome, of Feltwell Hall, who died in 1871, is said to have had greater knowledge of Falconry or Hawking than any man in the British Isles. He possessed two famous hawks named De Ruyter and Sultan which took 54 herons in 1843 and 57 the following season. De Ruyter was lost on Lakenheath warren when flown at a rook. Sultan was preserved in a glass case at Hockwold Hall in honour of its great achievements. It was set up in full hawking gear with hood, bells and jesses, i.e., straps of silk or leather fastened to the leg of a hawk.

The Quarterly Review for July, 1875, in an article on Hawking, speaks in the highest terms of Mr. Newcome, who was affectionately known to all and everybody as "Old Clough," and ends up by saying that at lordly board or in lady's bower, a double-barrel in hand or hawk on fist, the cheerful countenance, the genial humour and the animating presence of "Old Clough" were ever welcome.

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