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On with the tour

Feltwell Hall

This hall was on the opposite side of the road from St Mary's Church.
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

Feltwell Hall 1 (small)

hall5.gif (32454 bytes)

Feltwell Hall 2 (small)

Feltwell Hall 3 (small)

The Manor house of  the South Hall Manor. The earlier hall stood approximately where the cicular flower bed is at the bottom of the photo. A similar view but note that the left wing has been added, or was it enlarged upwards? 1908?

Photo from Mr Peter Cooper

Front view. The Manor gardens can be clearly seen in the ariel view that opens this section of the website. For over 200 years the Clough family lived at Feltwell Hall. For more history about the Hall and its owners click here.

hall3.gif (21963 bytes)

hall2.gif (20898 bytes)

hall6.gif (44530 bytes)

hall4.gif (53058 bytes)

These two photos were probably taken when the Hall was up for sale. For its last few years Wesenham Farms Ltd used it as a hostel for agricultural workers.

Is the photo on the left older than that on the right or has the tree and ivy simply been cut back?  Note the front steps opposite the church. 1908. From Mr P. Cooper

 St Mary's from Newcombe Hall gardens end_newcombe_hall.jpg (43212 bytes)  


St Mary's as seen from the Hall gardens. The end of Feltwell Hall