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Feltwell's Timeline
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The western end of the village in the early 1900s as drawn by A. J. Orange in 1970. 
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Western end of Feltwell

Shop Sites

1. Cambridge House.
2. Primitive Methodists
/Abbs Hairdressers/Pylon's Electrical/Carey's Antiques/Greengrocers -Wortley's/Withers
3. Polly Pryer
4. Arnolds Butchers.
5. Mrs Llewelyan.
6. Coronation Hall.
7. Maggs Farm 'Whitome' bombed during WW2.
8. Fish And Chip Shop.
9. Grocers - Elmers/ Nobes/ Scorers.
10. Hockleys Grocers.  Clarence Palmer Fish and Chips.
11.  Fish and Chips Spencer/ Tillets
12. Chemist/ Saddlemaker/ Dick Wortley - Butcher Ernest Chaplin - Blacksmith.
13. Butchers/ Pub- Butchers Arms.

14. Ali Barbers.
15. Blade Café.   ( further along Long Lane)
16. Barry Fletchers radio/cycle repair. Latter Day Saints.         ( further along Long Lane)
17. Commerce House, - Grimmers, Parkers, Howlett.
18. Howlett Butchers(2)/ Hopkins Butchers.
19. Billy Clarke Grocers.
20. Butchers Howletts(1).

21. Orangery - Bakers/ Newsagents/ Estate Agents. East Anglian Organ repairs – Mike Russen/ Dentist/ Vet.
22. Sew&Sew/ Hairdresser/ Vet.
23. Shortlands Hotel.

24. Step House - Billy Clarke Sweetes.   Cordwainers
25. Addisons Paint Shop/ Plumber etc
26. Lloyds Bank, Miss Spencer Post Office.
27. Butchers a-Murfitts b-King c-W.Clarke/ Darbys/ Higgins/ Estate Agents Woolwich/ Jason Wichelow/ Corner Crafts – Withers/ Chris Mills Antiques/ TV Ariels/satellite/ Hairdressers.
28. St Mary's House/Barclays Bank(3).
29. Welcome Cafe/Police Station/ Barclays Bank(1).

30. Flower shop in a Shepherd's hut.
31. Newsagents/ Wrights veg (after wooden shed)/ Watermans Bookmakers/ Puttock bookmaker.
32. Siers, Miss Robinson (1914)/ Broadwaters/ Uptons/ Londis.33. Smiths/ Hyams bakery.
34. Cock Pub bowling green and Mulberry tree

35. Spencers Farm then Porters/.
36. Sweet Shop/ Barclay Bank(2)/ Vet & Insurance/ Dog Grooming/Lazy Days Beauty Parlour

37.  Saddlers Shop/ Blue Café – Mrs Steward.
38. Cobblers-Basil Vincent/ Fish and Chips - Nobes/ Spencer.
39. Butchers -Nevilles/ Doy/ Hopkin/ Smith. Hairdresser-Nicola Jane /Spar.
40. General Store-Barley Porter/ Smith/ Robinson/ Manning/ Co-op/ Waites (art Gallery)/ Wine Lodge.

  Numbering cont. from Eastern map
119 Hairdressers – Edgar Laws
120 Wheelwright/ Gravedigger Pearson ran a Maltings.
121 Sweetshop Miss Lambert (Aunt Tilley)/ Hugh Vincent – sweets, shoes, grocery
122 Allan – Hardware, Tyres/ PJ Commercial vehicles
125 Bell Pub and Fish&Chips from side
126 Shellfish - Adams

Note.  Stanley Hopkin (a Methwold man) took over the butchery business of Harry Doy in Cock Strett (no. 39 above), on Harry's death but continued to run his earlier shop in Short Beck (no. 18), which he took over from Ralph Howlett (c1930s).  Stan built the bungalow in the 1960s - formerly lived in the house which is in the same site but nearer to the road.  This house was formerly a Barn and was converted after Commerce House (no. 17) was destroyed by fire.  The house was named 'Swallow Beck'.  Stanley Hopkin died in 1980. See Stanley's photo.