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On with the tour

The Old Rectory
The Rectory grounds were used for many special occasions. See photos.

On with the tour

1rectent.gif (32817 bytes)

2Rectory 1 (small)

3Rectory (small)

4Rectory 3 (small)

The entrance to the Rectory from Lodge Road. The Rectory itself can be clearly seen mid picture. The square recess on the Entrance Porch contains the coat of arms of Rev. Sparke. Left side small block was kitchen & scullery with servant's quarters above Rev & Mrs Henry Thomas O'Rorke standing in the doorway of the Rectory.

Reverend O'Rorke  in the foreground.

5Rectory 2 (small)

6Rectory 3 (small)

7rectory_croquet.jpg (27654 bytes)

8Rev and Mrs O'Rorke (small)

Rev O'Rorke & family. Seated in shade Mrs O'Rorke and her aunt Catherine Marsh (authoress). The lawn was used for annual Church Fete. Same shot as above but at a later date as the ivy has grown up the sides of the doorway. A more distant shot showing the croquet lawn set up ready for a game. Rev & Mrs Henry Thomas O'Rorke 1879-1912

(The Rev. and Mrs O'Roke were the God parents' of my mother Marion Jean Arnold, my mother being the grand daughter of John Lemon Payne and his wife Mary Ann Payne nee Pryer of Elm Tree Farm, Short Beck, Feltwell.  Mr Clifford Bennett 2009. See the Payne page)

9Rev. O'Rorke in Pony and Trap (small)

10old_rectory.jpg (41127 bytes)

11oldrectory.gif (33343 bytes)

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The Rev. O'Rorke and one of his daughters in the pony and Trap used when visiting his flock. His three daughters spent most of their time (and money) visiting the sick.

Judging by the plant growth this was taken about the same time as the one above.  Rev O'Rorke is standing outside the front door. Post marked 1913.
Photo provided by Maureen Reid

The kitchen and scullery are hidden behind a very overgrown garden. 
Date unknown.