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On with the tour

Take this bus for a detour along Long Lane to the West End and Fen floods.

The Elm Tree
There were at least three.

On with the tour

Take this bus to avoid the detour.

1The Elm Tree 1 (small)

2Elm tree outside Vincent's (small)

3Vincent's Hatdware Store (small)

Looking South towards The Folgate. This tree, the third one, was planted Feb. 1850. The iron railings were given by Miss Pleasance Clough (Lady of 2 Manors in Feltwell) and were made to the same circumference as the old tree. Note The Butcher's Arms on right (Steward and Patterson Ales & Stout) The end of the last Elm Tree, felled 10th July 1962. Vincent's hardware store can be seen behind the tree. The hardware store belonged to Mr. Basil Vincent who also sold and repaired bicycles. The premises are now a furniture store.

4The Elm Tree Inn (small)  5elmtreepub.gif (37275 bytes)

6Blacksmith at the Elm Tree

7Unloading Turf (small)

Two views of Landlord George Ketteringham and wife outside the The Elm Tree Inn. Ernest Chaplin, Blacksmith and purveyor of Lamp Oil (one of 5 forges in Feltwell) John Pryer loading turf (peat) into his turf shed. The shed was later converted into The Elm Tree Stores.