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Feltwell's Timeline
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A Map of the Public Houses in Feltwell
as drawn in 1974 by A.J. Orange

In the days of the RAF camp the village could support 10 pubs.  Nowadays only 3 are left, The Chequers, The West End and The Lodge, which is not on this map but is located on the 'K' in Cock Street (now the High Street).  In addition we also have a Social Club which provides to its members, the cheapest beer in the village.

pubmap.gif (10643 bytes)

  1. The Plough
  2. The Ship
  3. The West End
  4. The Elm Tree
  5. Butcher's Arms
  6. The Chequers
  7. The Cock
  8. The Oak
  9. The Crown
  10. The Bell

There was also 'The Anchor' at Feltwell Anchor, way out on the fen.

  • The Welcome, a coffee house in Church Street (now St Mary's Street).

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