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On with the tour

The Borough
The triangle of land between the east and west forks of Short Beck
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

1The Borough 2 (small)

2The Borough 1 (small)

3manorfarm.gif (26854 bytes)


Looking South (East side) The thatched cottage is where William Beamis lived. Looking South (West side). The track to the right leads to Manor Farm. Manor Farmhouse.  Home of the Storey family. Who are the children?
Provided by Robert Walden

5boropeople.gif (27694 bytes)

6stnick_shortbeck.gif (43519 bytes) 7The Borough 3 (small)

8The Borough 4 (small)

Looking South (West side).  Note the children and the photographers car.
All photographs provided by Chris Cock.
Two views Looking North (West side). Note St. Nicholas Church centre.
Left hand photo from Mr. Llewellyn. Added Dec. 99
Note, on left, window of Howlett's Butcher's shop at end of the 'Old' Chequers.
The cream of the crop! The Borough in colour. From the same postcard series as The Chequers and the High Street.

9boroughclr.gif (75897 bytes)
Photo provided by Mr Robert Walden.


Short Beck
Connects Elm Tree corner to Chapel Street

1Mr Grimmer's shop looking south

The General Store in these two photos belonged to Mr Grimmer. Unfortunately it burnt down.  The Elm Tree can be seen in the background of the photo on the left and the Borough can be seen to the right of the western arm of Short Beck in the photo on the right. The people are believed to be Mrs Florence Parker some of her children (incl. Kenneth Parker, right) plus others and Aubery Palmer, apprentice grocer in the doorway.

2Mr Grimmer's shop looking north

3howlett_grocer.jpg (29882 bytes)

Left - Mr R. C. Howlett, Draper and Grocer outside his shop.  The same premises as above.

Right - Mr R. W. Howlett and son(?) outside his new shop in Short Beck

4howletts butchers.gif (36164 bytes)

5shortbecksnow.gif (29731 bytes)

On the left is Short Beck from the Elm junction. The car is on the garage forecourt. Probably taken in the 1960s.

On the right is Elm Tree Farm house, c1903 -1910, now Shortlands Hotel. The lady is Mary Anne Payne.    The Payne Family
Photo from Clifford Bennett, Great Grandson.

6shortlands.gif (42494 bytes)

The Butcher's Arms Public House in Short Beck near the Elm Tree junction about 1905

Photo from Chris Cock