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On with the tour

Oak Street

Connects Bell Street with Lodge Road. Has the Oak Hotel at one end, Almshouses in the middle and Pear Tree Farm at the other end on the Beck/Lodge Road junction near Cross Hill.
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

Oak Street 1

Oak Street 3

almshouses_veg.jpg (29716 bytes)

Looking South towards the Oak junction. Pear Tree Farm wall on the right.
All photos provided by Mr. C. Cock
Looking North towards the junction with the Beck and Lodge Road. The 8 Almshouses with vegetables and tin roof.

Photo from Frank & Mercy Edwards

Oak Street 4 Oak Street 2  
Looking North. The photographer would be standing alongside the almshouses. Looking North further along the street. Spot these cottages in the middle of the photo above.