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Cover of RAF Feltwell welcome booklet.The photograph above shows the front page of a booklet that was issued to RAF Feltwell personnel in the late 1950s and early 1960s when Feltwell was a Thor missile base. 

Commanding Officer’s Forward

This book has been produced to help you find your way round the station, and it gives me a chance to welcome you. If you can make some contribution to the station, and if your experience is the richer by having served at Feltwell-then I am sure you will enjoy your stay here.

Our task at Feltwell is to hold our "Thor" missiles in immediate readiness-by day or night-throughout the year. These weapons are the first of a new generation; they take their place besides those which the Royal Air Force has already proved. Their very novelty offers a challenge which our Service gladly accepts. At the same time we should remember the responsibility which has been entrusted to us to operate the latest and most powerful part of the deterrent force. I ask you to do your best.

History of R.A.F. Feltwell

Launch of a Thor rocket.This Station was opened on the 12th March, 1937, with establishment of Station Headquarters and two No. 3 Group Bomber Squadrons (No.'s 57 and 214) equipped with Harrow aircraft. Both squadrons were re-equipped with Wellingtons 1A just before the outbreak of war.

In February 1940 No. 214 Squadron moved to Stradishall and a New Zealand squadron was formed at Feltwell. With the invasion of Norway, both squadrons were making sorties three or four nights a week and the number of aircraft taking part rose from an average of six to seventeen. The raids continued and gradually built up to the famous "Thousand" raids in May and June, 1942.

In the meantime Feltwell had a taste of its own medicine in a series of light raids in 1941. Apart from damage to the Sergeants' Mess little harm was done but several houses near the camp were demolished.

In 1942 the Station was transferred to No. 2 Group and the existing squadrons were replaced by No. 464 (R.A.A.F) and No. 487 (N.Z.) Squadrons, equipped with Venturas. Later No. 21 Ventura Squadron was installed at Methwold. All three continued a series of raids over France and North West Europe against a variety of pin-point targets.

In 1943 No. 192 Squadron, equipped with Mosquitoes, Halifaxes and Wellingtons, moved in along with a Bomber Development Unit. The latter was non-operational and was engaged on experimental work.

From November 1943 until January 1945, No. 3 Lancaster Finishing School was in occupation at Feltwell. They had the task of converting crews to Lancaster aircraft, with which the operational squadrons of No. 3 Group were by this time equipped.

In April 1946, Feltwell severed its connections with Bomber Command when it was transferred to Flying Training Command as No. 3 Flying Training School. Training was carried out on Tiger Moths but these were replaced by Prentices in 1948. Advanced training continued to be done on Harvard aircraft until 1955, when the Percival Provost was introduced.

On 1st June 1958, No. 3 Flying Training School was disbanded, and Feltwell once more joined Bomber Command; this time as the first Thor Rocket Station in No. 3 Group.

Station Organisation.

Royal Air Force Feltwell, the first Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Station this side of the "Iron Curtain", is commanded by a Group Captain and is in No. 3 Group, Bomber Command. The Station is divided into three Wings, Operations Wing, Technical Wing and Administrative Wing, each of which is commanded by a Wing Commander.


Operations Wing contains five Thor Missile squadrons commanded by Squadron Leaders. One is based at Feltwell. The other four are situated at distances of up to thirty miles from the parent unit.

Also under the direct command of the Officer Commanding Operations Wing is the Operations Room (the nerve centre of the missile system), the Security Flight and the Regiment Flight. O.C. Ops. Wing is responsible too for missile training at Feltwell.


Technical Control Squadron, Missile Servicing Squadron, Technical Support Squadron and Signals Squadron all come under the direct command of the Officer Commanding Technical Wing.

All servicing is now carried out as a centralised function with the R.I.M. building as the nerve centre.


Administrative Wing is divided into Supply and Movements Squadron, Personnel Services Squadron and Station Services Squadron. Each is commanded by a Squadron Leader.

Supply and Movements Squadron is divided into Equipment Provisioning and Accounting Flight, Domestic Supply Flight, R.I.M./P.O.L. Supply Flight.

The Officer Commanding Personnel Services Squadron has the Accounts Flight and the Clerical Services Flight under his command.

In Station Services Squadron are the following Flights: Catering, Education, General Duties, Medical Services and Physical Fitness. The Families Agent, too, is a member of this Squadron.

Postal Information

Your correct postal address is: -

Number, Rank, Name,

Flight and/or Squadron,

Royal Air Force Feltwell,

Nr. Thetford Norfolk.

Personnel living in Married Quarters should give the following address

Rank and Name,

Number of house and Name of Street,


Nr. Thetford, Norfolk.

NB. The words, Royal Air Force, should NOT appear in Married Quarters addresses, and any letter bearing the words will be unavoidably delayed.


The Station telephone numbers are Feltwell 205/206.

Public call boxes, with their own numbers, are situated as follows: - In the Officers’ Mess; In the Sergeants’ Mess’ In the Airmen’s Club; At the corner of Provost Road; Just outside the Main Gate.


The Station Post Office is open as follows

Monday to Friday —

0730-0800 hrs and 1530-1600 hrs —Collection of Mail.

0930-1200 hrs and 1300-1500 hrs — Counter Sales.

Saturdays —

0730-0800 hrs and 0930-1000 hrs — Collection of Mail.

There is a stamp machine and pillar box by the Main Guard Room. Continued over



Early and late meals are only available for personnel unable to attend the main meal because of duty.

    Weekdays   Week-Ends




0630-0645 hours


0630-0645 hours



0700-0745 hours


0830-0900 hours



0815-0830 hours




1200-1300 hours


1200-1300 hours






1600-1630 hours




1700-1800 hours


1600-1700 hours




1900-1930 hours


1900-1930 hours


Duty Supper


2200-0100 hours


2200-0100 hours


Pay parades are held weekly on Thursdays under Squadron or Flight arrangements.

Travelling claims and queries are dealt with by the Accountant Officers at specific times, details of which may be obtained from Station Standing Orders.


A barber’sd shop is situated on the first floor of the Airmen’s Club near the Billairds Room. A hairdresser is in attendance on Mondays. Wednesdays and Thursdays from 0900 to 1200 hours and from 1320 to 1700 hours.

The hairdresser is available for officers in the Officers’ Mess from 1700 hours each Monday.


A variety of newspapers and magazines is available on the Station and may be read in the Station Library and in the Reading Room of the Airman’s Club.


The Station Newspaper, Rocket Review, is published every five weeks. It is a free issue distributed to all Married Quarters at Feltwell, and a generous number of copies is forwarded to individual Flights or Squadrons. Current copies may be obtained, and past issues seen, at the Education Flight.

This is the title design of the ‘Rocket Review’, not part of this booklet.

Title banner for the Rocket Review newspaper

General Information


The N.A.A.F.I. Shop is situated in Provost Road.

Its opening hours are

Weekdays — 0900-1700 hours and 1830-2100 hours.

Saturdays — 0900-1100 hours, 1215-1330 hours and 1830-2030 hours.

The shop stocks a wide range of goods and has self-service facilities; what is more, customers benefit from a discount of 1/- in the £1.


The N.A.A.F.I. Canteen is open in. the Airmen’s and Corporals’ Clubs from 0900 to 2130 hours daily during the week and for restricted periods at weekends. There is also a coffee bar in the R.I.M Building operated by N.A.A.F.I.

The well stocked walk-in shop in the Airmen’s Club is open to all ranks.


The Airman’s Families Club is in the building adjoining the Airman’s Club. It is open several evenings each week and for an annual membership fee of six shillings other ranks, their families and guests may enjoy the usual facilities, including a bar.

Inquiries should be made to the Officer i/c Families Club (Ext. 355).


The Station Clothing Stare in the Domestic Supply Flight of the Supply and Movements Squadron is open from 0800 to 1700 hours, Mondays to Fridays.

A camp tailor is in attendance from 1345 to 1600 hours on Mondays only.


Boots and shoes may be handed in for repair at the Station Clothing Store on any day of the week from 0800 to 1700 hours. Footwear handed in by 1600 hours on a Thursday can be collected from Friday afternoon in the following week.


Bed linen should be changed by billet orderlies between 0800 and 0900 hours on Wednesdays at the Barrack Store in the Domestic Supply Flight. Personal laundry is collected from Barrack Blocks on Thursday (0080—1000 hours) and is re-delivered on the following Wednesday afternoon. To ensure safety of your laundry, fill in the laundry slips clearly and accurately.


Articles of R.A.F. Clothing for dry-cleaning should be handed in to the Station Clothing Stores by 1700 hours on a Tuesday. Articles are available for collection on the Thursday of the following week.


Married Quarters personnel may exchange items which have become unserviceable through fair wear and tear from 1400 to 1700 hours only, on Mondays (officers) and on Wednesdays (other ranks) at the Barrack Store. Articles of furniture requiring repolishing may be returned at any time, but if a replacement item is not available it may be necessary to withdraw the article temporarily.

families Information


The Families Agent is established to advise you on your accommodation problems, he has an office in Station Headquarters, and interviews can be arranged by telephone (extn. 319).


Married Quarters

By the end of 1960 there should be 49 Officers’ Married Quarters and 180 Airmen’s Married Quarters at Feltwell. In addition, No. 107 Squadron has 18 buildings converted for use as Married Quarters, No. 220 Squadron has been allocated 19 council houses, furnished by Air Ministry, and 50 airmen’s Quarters are to be built at nearby stations for the sole use of airmen stationed at Feltwell.


A limited number of hirings are found from time to time. These are advertised in Station Routine Orders. Personnel are allowed to register any accommodation they may find as a hiring, providing it is of suitable standard and within 20 miles of their place of work.


The official Feltwell site is on Methwold Airfield, 3 miles from Feltwell. The site is for 60 caravans, and there is usually space for newcomers at short notice upon application to the Officer i/c Caravan Site.

Amenities are limited to electricity and water. Ground rent is 2 guineas per quarter.

Each Satellite Squadron has a small site for about half a dozen caravans, and application should be made direct to the relevant squadron commander. Caravans can be hired through the Families Agent if necessary.


The Families Agent is responsible for producing and distributing the Families Circular each week. This publication contains items of interest to all families on the unit.

Religious Activities


There is no resident C. of E Chaplain on the Station, but the Rev. R. C. Frith visits the unit each Thursday. He can be contacted in the Padre’s Office, Station Headquarters, between 0900 and 1200 hours on that day, and at other times at his residence in Feltwell village (Phone Feltwell 247).

Sunday services are held in St. Mary’s Church, Feltwell, as follows:

Holy Communion (1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays) — 0800 hrs.

Holy Communion (2nd Sunday each month) — 0900 hrs.

Mattins — 1100 hrs.

Sunday School — 1430 hrs.

Evensong — 1830 hrs.

Evensong is held in the Station Church of St. George (opposite the Guard Room) on Mondays at 1830 hours.


P.M.U.B. services: are not held on the Station, but personnel are welcomed to the Methodist Church in Feltwell Village. The services on Sunday are 1100 and 1815 hours and Sunday School is at 1430 hours. From October to April a Senior Guild meets each Wednesday at 1930 hours.

The Officiating Chaplain visits the Station every Monday and may be seen in the Padre’s Office in S.H.Q. at 1500 hours. At other times telephone Methwold 252.


The R.C. Padre for this Station is Father G. Langley of Swaffham (‘phone Swaffham 418).

Father Langley may he seen in the Padre’s Room in Station Headquarters on Tuesdays from 1700 to 1800 hours.


Tuesdays 1830 hours Rosary and Benediction.

Wednesdays 1830 hours Holy Mass.

Saturdays 0930 hours Religious instruction for children.

Sundays 0930 hours Holy Mass.

Holy Days of Obligation 1800 hours Holy Mass

Medical & Dental Services


Sick Parades

Medical treatment is given to personnel at Station Sick Quarters as follows: -

Monday to Friday:

0800 hours Airmen’s Sick Parade.

0900 hours Officers’ Sick Parade.

1030 hours Treatment for Service Families.

Week-ends and Public Holidays

At week-ends and on Public Holidays all sick personnel are to attend for treatment at 1000 hours.

"Special Sick"

In an emergency personnel may report "special sick" at any time.

Registration of Families

Officers and airmen who wish to register their families with an R.A.F. Medical Officer may fill in registration proformae at Station Sick Quarters.

Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers; whether they are registered with an RAF. Medical Officer or civilian practitioner, may have their babies at R.A.F. Hospital Ely.

Details of pre-natal and post-natal care and entitlement to Welfare Foods for children may be obtained from Station Sick Quarters.

Telephone Extensions

Sick Quarters telephone extensions are 296 (day) and 396 (night).


Dental Parades

Dental parades are held for all ranks at 0930 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Station Sick Quarters. No treatment is given to families. In cases of emergency personnel are to report to Station Sick Quarters.

Your Future


If you have a Query about your future in the RAF you should consult the Careers Officer, who has been appointed specially to help you. At this Station, the Careers Officer is the Officer Commanding Clerical Services Flight, who may be contacted on extension 392. In addition, a Careers Advice Bureau from the R.A.F. Record Office visits the Station from time to time. Details of these visits appear in Station Routine Orders.


All airmen are detailed to attend for interview by the Station Education Officer three months before release; regular airmen are also interviewed eighteen months before they are due out of the Service. In all cases an official of the Ministry of Labour is present. The object of these interviews is to make you aware of the opportunities of employment that exist for you in civilian life as an ex-serviceman and to clear up any difficulties you might have.

You may, of course, consult the Station Education Officer about your future in "Civvie Street" at any time by arrangement (telephone extension 291).

Map of RAF Feltwell



The Education Centre is at present on the first and second floors of Station Headquarters. In addition to classroom and private study facilities there is a first class library which contains books for both recreational and study purposes as we11 as a rack for daily newspapers and current periodicals.


Regular classes are held at Feltwell in preparation for the R.A.F. Education Tests and for the General Certificate of Education examinations. Full passes in R.A.F. Education Tests Parts 1 and 11 or exemption from them are requirements for promotion to substantive corporal and substantive sergeant respectively. Possession of a G.C.E. is often the key to success in the Service as well as in civilian life. Students who attend classes during working hours are expected to attend for the same number of hours in their own time.


Free travel facilities up to a distance of 30 miles are granted to officers and airmen who wish to study during the day or in the evening at local technical colleges. The main colleges in this area are at King’s Lynn (24 miles), Cambridge (33 miles) and Norwich (43 miles). A wide range of subjects may be studied at these colleges and enrolment fees are refunded by the R.A.F. after a period of satisfactory attendance by the student.


Correspondence courses may be issued if there is no other satisfactory method of studying a subject.


The Station Library is open at the following times: -

  Day Evening


0800 to 1700 hours

1745 to 1945 hours


0800 to 1700 hours

1745 to 1945 hours


0800 to 1600 hours

1745 to 1945 hours


0800 to 1700 hours

1745 to 1945 hours


0800 to 1700 hours


Children’s Education


The State system of education splits children into primary (5-11 Years) and secondary (12-19 years) age groups. In the East Anglian area children may sit an examination at the age of approximately 11 years (the 11+ examination) which will decide whether they are suitable for education at a Secondary Modern, Secondary Technical or Secondary Grammar School. The form of this examination may differ slightly from county to county and it is possible that children may be transferred from one type of secondary school to another at a later age.

In fact, Technical Schools are very rare in this area but many Secondary Modern Schools have a strong technical bias.

Children at Secondary Grammar schools have a good opportunity of passing from the 6th Form to a university, in which case a maintenance grant is usually provided by the authorities. Children at Secondary Modern Schools are given every Opportunity at the age of 15 years to continue their education at a technical college. Education at State Schools is free.


Parents may, if they wish, pay to send their children to private schools. These schools vary from the "very good" to the "very bad." If you are considering sending your child to a private school the Senior Education Officer is always ready to give you any information he has about it.


Parents whose children are at boarding schools may claim up to £150 per year from the Station Accountant Officer in respect of boarding and tuition fees for the first child, up to £175 for the second child and up to £200 for the third and subsequent children at boarding school. The allowance is taxable when parents are in this country but tax-free when they are abroad.

Personnel who place their children with foster parents, to enable them to live nearer their schools, may claim 19/3 per week (airmen) or £4/3/4 per month (officers). These allowances are taxable in this country but not overseas.

Schools in the Feltwell Area


Feltwell Village Primary School is housed in a modern building and caters for children up to the age of eleven. It has an extremely good record of passes in the 11+ examination.

Headmaster — Mr. Charlesworth (Telephone Feltwell 334).


Methwold Secondary Modern School was opened only in September, 1958. It has every modern educational facility, including courses leading to G.C.E. at ‘0‘ level.

Headmaster — Mr. Ashwell (Telephone Methwold 383).


There are separate Grammar Schools for girls and boys at Thetford. Both schools attain a high academic standard.

Girls’ School Headmistress — Miss Parkin (Telephone Thetford 2221).

Boys’ School Headmaster — Mr. Watson (Telephone Thetford 2240).


For children of Roman Catholic parents, the only R.C. school accessible from Feltwell is the Convent of the Sacred Heart at Swaffham. The school accepts boys up to the age of eleven and girls to the- age of eighteen. Fees and transport costs are very reasonable and there is some boarding accommodation. Transport to and from the school leaves the Guard Rooms at 0810 hrs, and returns by 1630 hrs. each schoolday. Interested personnel should contact the visiting R.C. Priest, Fr. G. Langley


The authorities provide free transport from Feltwell to the Methwold and Thetford Secondary Schools. No transport is provided from this Station to Feltwell Primary School. Transport details are as follows: -


Feltwell (Elm Tree) depart 0840 hrs.

Feltwell arrive 1630 hrs.


Feltwell (Elm Tree) depart 0810 hrs.

Feltwell arrive 1610 hrs., (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays).

arrive 1710 hrs., (Wednesdays, and Thursdays).


Sport facilities on this Station are among the best in Bomber Command. The Station teams play matches on Wednesday afternoons and at week-ends but whether you play for the Station or not there are ample recreational facilities for you. P.S.I. supplies us with the best quality sports equipment and our Sports Store is a miniature Sports Shop.

The Gymnasium (Hangar No. 5 – Yes, our gymnasium is a complete hangar!) shown on the Station Plan on page 24 boasts a variety of facilities including an indoor tennis court, a "5-a-side" soccer court and a circuit training area.

Arrangements are now being made for the gymnasium to be transferred to Hangar No. 4 where extra facilities such as showers, heated changing rooms and additional sports training areas will be provided.

An officer is appointed in charge of each sport and you can most easily found out who runs your particular sport by contacting the Physical Fitness Staff at the gymnasium (telephone extn. 355).

The sports for which provision is made is made include: -






Cross-country running





Lawn Tennis

Rifle Shooting



Squash Racquets

Table Tennis

Weight Lifting


Inter-unit and inter-section competitions are encouraged in as many forms of sport as possible, and all forms of enquiries relating to games, recreation and training programmes are welcomed by the Physical Fitness Flight.



The Astra Cinema

The Astra Cinema is located on the first floor of the Airmen’s Mess, and shows films nightly, commencing at 1930 hours. Four different programmes are shown each week, one on Sunday and Monday, one on Tuesday and Wednesday, one on Thursday and one on Friday and Saturday. There is a children’s matinee on Saturday mornings at 1030 hrs. Families and civilians working at Feltwell are, of course, allowed to use the cinema.


Dances are held from time to time in the Messes, the Corporals Club and the Airmen’s Club.

Radio Feltwell

Radio Feltwell (Rediffusion) relays B.B.C., Luxemburg and Station programmes seven nights a week. Running live programmes offers tremendous scope for new ideas, and every encouragement is given to airmen to take part in this activity. The Officer i/c Rediffusion may be contacted via the Education Flight.

Clubs and Hobbies

Details of clubs and hobbies are to be found on pages 35 and 37.


The King’s Lynn. News & Advertiser and the Bury Free Press give full details of the entertainments in King’s Lynn (24 miles) and Bury St. Edmunds (24 miles) respectively. There are also cinemas in Thetford (14 miles) and Brandon (7 miles).

For those who wish to venture further afield. Norwich (44 miles) and Cambridge (34 miles) will prove of particular interest.

Norwich is the capital of Norfolk and is noted for its rich historical associations (cathedral and castle), its importance as a shopping centre (it has a theatre as well), and its football team.

Cambridge, in the opposite direction is a University market town, with all the usual cultural facilities.

Newmarket racecourse is only 19 miles distant and motor racing at Snetterton (summer only) - 23 miles away - is worth visiting.

Feltwell is within easy striking distance both - by road and rail - of the chief seaside resorts of East Anglia such as Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Hunstanton, Felixstowe, Cromer and Wells.

Clubs and Hobbies


This Station boasts a good variety of flourishing hobbies, of which the following are situated in the Hobbies Huts to the rear of the Station Headquarters: -

Wood Hobby Shop

The Wood Hobby Shop is open during the evening, (18800-2130) from Monday to Thursday when a qualified instructor is present. The keys may also be obtained during the day from the Station Library, and at week-ends from the Guard Room. Facilities include a small lathe, a circular saw and a power drill as well as all the usual hand tools. The Wood Hobby Shop is open to all ranks. Just walk in.

Camera Club

The Camera Club has an enthusiastic membership and arranges lectures, films, displays and competitions. Its weekly club nights are Mondays and Wednesdays, but all club members may draw the keys from the Guard Room at any time to make use of the club facilities which include two dark rooms and a general purpose room complete with excellent apparatus.

Bus Services

Feltwell is served by the Eastern Counties Omnibus Co., Towlers of Brandon and Carters of Northwold. Details of services are shown in the tables below.

TOWLER’S (Telephone Brandon 232)

To and From King’s Lynn

Feltwell (Elm Tree) dep. 9.15 a.m. Tuesdays

King’s Lynn dep. 2.15 and 3.30 p.m. only

Feltwell (Elm Tree) dep. 9.15 a.m., 1.5 and 2.5 p.m.

King’s Lynn dep. 12.20, 5.30 and 8.45 pm.

(Saturdays only)

To and From Brandon

Feltwell (Elm Tree) dep. 6.20 p.m. Wed., Fri.,

Leave Brandon after the cinema show. only

To and From Ely

Feltwell (Elm Tree) dep. 10.45 a.m. Thursdays

Ely dep. 330 p.m. only

CARTER’S (Telephone Methwold 204)

To and From Bury St. Edmunds:

Feltwell (Elm Tree) dep. 8.45 a.m. Wednesdays

Bury St. Edmunds dep. 2.30 and 4 pm, only

Bury St. Edmunds dep. 6 p.m. Saturdays

Feltwell (Elm Tree) dep. 1.15 p.m. only

EASTERN COUNTIES (Telephone King’s Lynn 2343)

To and From Norwich:

Feltwell (Post Office) dep. 10.3 a.m. (Wednesdays only)

Feltwell (Post Office) dep. 9 a.m. (Saturdays only)

Norwich dep. 5.40 pm. (Wed. & Sat, only)

To Downham Market

Feltwell (Post Office) dep. 7.57 p.m. (Wed. & Sat. only)


(Watch SRO’s and Families Circulars for announcements)

To and From Norwich:

RAF. Feltwell (Guardroom) dep. 6 p.m. Thursdays

Norwich dep. 11 pm. only

To and From Ely Hospital:

R.A.F. Feltwell dep. 6.15 pm. Wednesdays

Ely Hospital dep. 8.10 p.m. only

Do’s and Don’ts

If you observe these details it will make this Station a happier place for you and other people: -

DO register your car at the Guard Room, taking with you your driving licence and current certificate of insurance.

DO keep the Station tidy by using the litter bins and waste paper baskets provided.

DO take care of public property; it is on somebody’s charge - it may be yours.

DO report damage to Service buildings and property to your Officer or N.C.O. at once; it may save farther damage.

DO keep your garden neat if you live in a married quarter.

DO read Station Routine Orders regularly and acquaint yourself with Station Standing Orders as soon as possible.

DO maintain a high standard of personal cleanliness and take a pride in your dress. We have many important visitors at this Station who will judge OUR efficiency by YOUR appearance.

DO NOT talk about your work when you are off duty. Much of it may be secret; so "close the hangar doors when you leave."

DO NOT leave valuable items of personal property lying around. Keep them safely under lock and key.

DO NOT park your car on a main road. There is ample parking space on the Station.


Gives real value for money to individual Servicemen and women who use their own canteen organisation.

At Feltwell there is the ever popular Airmens Club with its cafeteria, games room and separate club room for Corporals. At one end of the building is the Services Shop, open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and much patronised by all ranks and their families. The range of goods includes gramophone records, gifts, sports clothing, lingerie, cigarettes and pipe tobaccos, chocolates and confectionery and a host of other things – luxury and otherwise. Junior ranks, don’t forget, benefit from personal discount of 5 per cent when buying items costing ten shillings or more!

In the heart of the family "village" is another well-stocked shop, which has been enlarged and converted to self-service. Here the housewife can do her day-to-day shopping at leisure and obtain a 5 per cent discount on her purchases or, if she prefers it, take a dividend every few months.

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