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To add a name to these Memorial Pages simply email me the content that you would like to be displayed, please include all relevant service dates if possible.  This page is only for those who have served at RAF Feltwell. Photographs may be included.

Panoramic photo of the Aircrew and ground crew of No.464(Australian )Sq. No. 487 (New Zealand) Squadron and No. 21 Squadron. Photograph is most likely taken in early 1943 at Methwold. Certainly taken before the Amsterdam raid of 1943, (Sq. Ldr. Len Trent VC) is on the front row.  It is reasonable to assume that many of the men on this photograph were killed over Holland. Photograph provided by Mr Cecil Ives.  A much larger version showing the faces in reasonable detail may be requested by email - it is approx. a 1meg file.        To link to the excellent Australian War Memorial website click here


An engine change in the No.1 Hanger at Feltwell. 

Ground crew of 464 (Aus.) Sq. 

Names not currently known.

The photograph above is of three ground crew of No. 464 (Aus) Sq. taken in front of a Lockheed Ventura in the No.1 Hanger at Feltwell.

The man seated is Mr Cecil Ives, the other two airmen are currently unknown.

If anyone can provide any information relating to this photo please email me.

From P. Hunnisett

Right James Dunne, 464 Wireless Operator, participated in the first 464 mission from Feltwell to bomb the Philips Factory in Eindhoven in December 1942 (Operation Oyster) quite historically significant as it was one of the first mass RAF daylight bombing raids and filmed by the RAF. James was lost on his third operation when the Ventura he was flying in was hit by flak flying at 100 feet over the English Channel, only the pilots body was found. The Ventura’s were withdrawn in May 1943 from Feltwell due to unacceptable losses and replaced with the Mosquito.

Left  The crew of Ventura (AJ188), part of 464 Squadron based at Feltwell 1942 -1943. James Dunne was part of a raid to an airfield in Cherbourg on 22 January 1943. He and his crew were killed after being hit by flak from the airfield, their Ventura (AJ188) crashed into the channel not far from Cherbourg and only the pilot's body was recovered. Left to right -  Sergeant JAMES DUNNE (WOP/AG) - Aged 33-  Sergeant NORMAN ERNEST POWELL - Pilot aged 21 - Sergeant PETER ARNOLD NODES Navigator -aged 22 - Sergeant STANLEY JOHN NEWTON - Air Gunner - aged 19.