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Recollections RAF Feltwell History RAF Feltwell Planes & Buildings 75 NZ Squadron

Articles relating to RAF Feltwell

History of RAF Feltwell A potted history by Flying Officer P. Drewitt, B.A.

Ode to an Airman

My Brief sweet life is over,
My eyes no longer see.
No summer walks
No Christmas Trees
No pretty girls for me.
Iíve got the chop,
Iíve had my lot,
My nightly Ops are done.
Yet in a hundred years,
Iíll still be twenty-one.

Feltwell Aerodrome 3 A definitive history?
Feltwell Aerodrome 2 Wellingtons of 75(NZ) squadron over RAF Feltwell. Feltwell Aerodrome 4 A tabulated history from the RAF Museum
War Graves Listing All the details from the gravestones. Other War Graves Details from Dan Engle et al
Cross of Sacrifice Dedication Service Service program for the dedication of the war graves cemetary. RAF Feltwell Welcome Booklet   From late 1950s, early 1960s.
Brief History of the Thor Missile System    by David L. Anderson-Walmsley Unknown girl Photo found in Feltwell. Who is she?
Photographs of the Thor Missile System Taken 1960 Royal visit to Methwold by Cecil Ives
RAF Feltwell Badge A few details and pictures Bomb damage to the Sergeants Mess Taken 1941
Air Show Photos from Malcolm Rolph Feltwell Golf Course Opening details from John Alce
Air Force Units Serving at Feltwell Chronological listing Air Show Prog. 1952 Thanks to Chris Cock
Comrades A poem to 75 Squadron by Ken Moore The Luftwaffe Fighter Aces at Feltwell  LATEST by Dan Engle

Recollections of Servicemen and Women

The Night Flying Ginny & Madam Shoo Shoo Came For Tea  Compiled and written by Dan Engle Sergeant Spalding Compiled and written by Dan Engle
The Ventura Men of Feltwell Compiled and written by Dan Engle The Night the Petrol Ran Out - a 75(NZ) story.   Compiled and written by Dan Engle
Harry Lawson of 57 Squadron Detailed research by his grand-daughter WW2 recollections  by Mr Charles Dear.  In two parts.
Memories of 3 FTS by Barry Davies Feltwell's Royal Navy Connection by Bill Land
Jim Cordy and HMS Sheffield by Bill Land Earning my Oak Leaves by Benjamin Bussey
RAF Bomber Command Armament Experimental Section. by Paul J. Brunelle 149 Squadron at Methwold by John Johnston
The story of B- Beer of 487 Squadron RNZAF (George Sparkes remembered)LATEST by Pat McGuigan (niece)