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Feltwell's Timeline
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The Parish of Feltwell is large in extent,
And stretches a long way about.
But the roads are perplexing; and it really is vexing,
The way they run in and run out.
First of all let me state -
These roads form the Figure of Eight.
But look at the streets and the lanes of this town;
So few of them known; by names their own;
For they change in a way that's inane.
Take Bell Street for instance; it goes no great distance,
When High Street it's become,
Though called Cock Street by some;
And finishes up as Long Lane,
Lodge Road changes into the Beck;
It then becomes known as the Hill;
The next name it takes is Hithe Road;
And, for all I care, goes on changing still.
No wonder I'm fuddled; and hopelessly muddled;
Have gone crackers and feel most Un-Well,
For my head's upside-down from the streets of this town;
Which is known as the Town of Felt-Well.

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