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Articles relating to Individuals and Families

The Moundefordes. Brief family history, Formation of Trust. The Spencer Family Clark Spencer who worked for the Clough family.
The Moundefords of Feltwell Additional detail to the article above, village names. Edward Clough Newcome Detail on 'Old Clough', a country sportsman.
Sir Edmund Moundeford, Knight Further anecdotes and the establishment of the Trust. The Clough Family Another brief history of this Feltwell family.
The Mundefords of Feltwell Another short history of the family. Capped Petrel A Clough Newcome story.
Short  Moundeford family history From an article about Mr 'Pip' Orange Falconry Details of Clough Newcome's falcons.
John Orman, Curate Curate from 1824-1837. Canon Sparke Details of the man and his works.
Crimean and Mutiny Veterans Names the Feltwell men involved in these campaigns. The Mission Hall Henry Waldren, the Tabernacle, the Wesleyan Chapel.
The Heath and Denton Capt. Denton, Gibbet, Whipping-Post, Feltwell Lodge. A Feltwell Will The Will of John Wace, gent. and teacher.
The Royal Oak Robert Rice, licensee of the The Royal Oak Inn. Feltwell Doctors Details of all Feltwell Doctor's since 1814.
Chairmen of the Parish Council A list of all Councillors since 1894. Mills and Millers A history of Feltwell Mills and Millers.
A Feltwell Name The name being 'Nergal Sharezer Pidd'. Part of the Walden Family History A fascinating history of three Feltwell brothers from the 1800s