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Miscellaneous articles

Feltwell Women's Institute A potted history. Railways in the area. Railways and farming.
Apparitions Various tales about ghosts. Plesiosaurus Short note on finding a bone.
Beating the Bounds Traditional methods of marking Parish boundaries. Scribbling Thoughts on various scribbled notes.
Octogenarians and a Nonagenarian Advice on living a long time. Titles Discussion on the use of Titles e.g. Mr., Gentleman, etc.
Marriage Discussion on the 1754 Marriage Act. The Norfolk Dialect Some examples of the Norfolk language.
Witchcraft Feltwell witches. Trial by Ordeal The historical origin of this term.
Sundry notes Just that. Flowers & Calamity Two short, funny stories.
Some Mysteries More apparitions. Miscellaneous Notes Lots of short, interesting notes.
Feltwell Fens Natural History of the Fens. The Great Drown The floods in 1852, 1912 and 1915.
Feltwell Strike Details of a strike in 1790 by agricultural workers. Pension Claims Apparently genuine howlers. (Dates unknown)
Rioting The 1816 riot in Downham involving Feltwell men. Common Rights As practiced in Feltwell in the 1800s.
Agricultural Prices Prices in the Feltwell area in 1856/1904 Flints Notes on Flint Tools as found in the Feltwell area.
Society Start How the A & H started. Miscellaneous Notes Yet more notes, some repeated.
The Feltwell Murder Told by Robin Woodruff, Great Grandson of the victim's husband The Feltwell Murder - a poem Lines by Abraham Ward, the West Norfolk Poet.
Barley Porter's Verse From his handbills Feltwell Oak Tree removal Newspaper report from 1964
Methodist Chapel Stone Laying Ceremony Newspaper report from 7 June 1935