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RFC/RAF Feltwell - a tabulated history.

Airbase Loop article 4

Prepared by Richard Simpson (Research Assistant Dept of Aviation Records RAF Museum) in 1980.  

Methwold satellite

No 7 Training Depot Sqn SE5
Avro 504A
Avro 504J
Sopwith Pup
1917 Nov-1919
Midland Area Flying Instructors School Avro 504 1919-1919
Station closed   1919
Station reopened   1937 March 12
No 37 Sqn Harrow 1937 April-1939 May
No 214 Sqn Harrow 1937 April-1939 July
No 37 Sqn Wellington I 1939 May-1940 Nov
No 214 Sqn Wellington I 1939 May-1939 Sept
No 75 (New Zealand) Sqn (Reformed here from RNZAF Heavy Bomber Flt) Wellington I 1940 April-1942 Aug
No 57 Sqn Wellington I
Wellington II
1940 Nov-1942 Jan
No 487 (RNZAF) Sqn Ventura 1942 Aug-1943 April
No 464 (RAAF) Sqn Ventura 1942 Sept-1943 April
No 192 Sqn

(Radio Countermeasures Unit)

Wellington X
Mosquito IV
Halifax V
1943 April-1943 Nov
Bomber Development Unit Various 1943 April-1943 Sept
No 1473 RCM Flt ? 1943 Sept-1943
No 3 Lancaster Finishing School Lancaster 1943 Nov-1945 Jan
Gee-H Training Flt Lancaster 1944 Dec-1945
Bomber Development Unit Various 1945 Feb-1946
No 1688 Bomber Defence Training Flt (RAF Regt unit) - 1945 Feb-1945
No 3 Flying Training School Tiger Moth
1946 April-1949
1946 April-194(?)
1954-1958 April
RAF Strategic Missile Base Thor IRBM 1958 Sept-1963 Aug
No 77 Sqn Thor IRBM 1958 Sept-1963 July
Bomber Command Strategic Missile School - 1958-1963
Transfered to Tec Train Command   1963 Aug
No further use by operational or flying training units  
Station still active    


HRH KG VI visit 1940 May 26
Boulton & Paul presented a cedar wood church for Royal visit  
Feltwell bombers drop phosphorus strips in Black Forest hoping to start huge fires 1940 June
Luftwaffe attack 1940 Oct 27
Luftwaffe attack 1941 Feb 3
Luftwaffe attack 1941 March 1-2
No 75 Sqn takes part in lO00 bomber raid on Cologne 1942 May 30-31
No 75 Sqn takes part in 1000 bomber raid on Bremen 1942 June 25-26

METHWOLD        Prepared before the war as a FELTWELL satellite

* No 37 Sqn Wellington 1939 Sept-1940 Nov
* No 214 Sqn Wellington 1939 Sept-1940 Feb
* No 75 Sqn Wellington 1940 April-1942 Aug
* No 57 Sqn Wellington 1940 Nov-1942 Sept
No 21 Sqn Ventura 1942 Oct-1943 March
* No 487 (RNZAF) Sqn Ventura 1942 Aug-1943 April
* No 464 (RAAF) Sqn Ventura 1942 Sept-1943 April
Lodger unit for Horsa 1943-1944 March
No 149 Sqn Stirling
1944 May-1944 Sept
1944 Sept-1946 April
No 218 Sqn Lancaster 1944 Aug-1944 Dec
No 207 Sqn Lancaster 1945 Oct-1946 April
Care & Maintenance   1946 Sept
Back as satellite for Feltwell   1946 Dec-1958 June
** Central Servicing Establishment Various 1955


* These units operated from Feltwell but were dispersed to Methwold
** Temp base while Watton runway repaired

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